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Are you looking for a more natural treatment for pain relief? Then you may want to consider platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy. The expert team at PURE Executive Health & Wellness in Coral Gables, Florida, and the greater Miami area, offers PRP and stem cells to promote healing and reduce pain. To learn more about these natural treatments, call the office today.

PRP & Stem Cell Q & A

What is PRP?

PRP is a ground-breaking nonoperative treatment option that relieves pain by accelerating your body’s natural healing powers. PRP is a blood product that the specialists at PURE Executive Health & Wellness create from your own blood. Your PURE provider creates the PRP used for your treatment by spinning a sample of your blood in a centrifuge to concentrate the natural healing properties in your blood, including platelets, growth factors, and specialized cells.

Athletes have been using PRP as a treatment to help them recover from their injuries and return to their sport and usual activities faster without pain. Research indicates that PRP has great promise in helping those suffering from arthritis, tendinitis, and ligament injuries.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are the blank cells in your body that have the ability to transform into specialized cells, such as bone, muscle, and blood vessels. The PRP treatments offered by PURE Executive Health & Wellness attract the stem cells in your body to the injured area to help support the healing process and the regeneration of new, healthy tissue.

Am I a good candidate for PRP and stem cell therapy?

Your specialist at PURE Executive Health & Wellness determines if you’re a good candidate for PRP and stem cell therapy after a consultation. You may be considered a good candidate for PRP if you have a sports injury that hasn’t responded well to conservative treatment or your arthritis pain is making it difficult for you to participate in your daily activities.

How does PRP and stem cell therapy work?

Your specialist injects the PRP directly into your source of pain or injured tissue. Then, the specialized cells in the PRP get to work, healing the injury or diseased tissue, regenerating healthy tissue, improving overall function, and reducing pain.

And because your blood is used for the PRP and stem cell therapy, there is virtually no risk of rejection or allergic reaction.

PRP and stem cell therapy are innovative treatments that utilize your body’s healing powers to help you get back to doing the things you love without pain or discomfort. To learn more about PRP and stem cell therapy and how they may help you, call PURE Executive Health & Wellness today. We see and treat patients in all of the greater Miami area.

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