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Nutrition is a key part of living a long, healthy life. The highly skilled team at Pure Executive Health & Wellness in Coral Gables, Florida, and the greater Miami area, focuses on preventive medicine to optimize your health and wellness, and offer nutrition services to help you make the diet changes you need for better health. To schedule a nutrition consultation, call the office today.

Nutrition Q & A

What is nutrition?

What you eat and drink provides your body with nutrients and energy. Nutrition refers to the specific balance of nutrients and energy you need to maintain good health. PURE Executive Health & Wellness has a nutrition specialist on staff who understands the impact food has on health and provides nutrition counseling to help you improve your diet to optimize your overall wellness.

What can I expect during a nutrition consultation?

PURE Executive Health & Wellness offers a number of nutrition packages to meet your very specific needs. Some of the nutrition packages offered include:

Basic healthy eating consultation

The basic healthy eating consultation includes an analysis of your current diet, along with recommendations on how to make changes to meet your health goals. Follow-up appointments are available to help you stay on track.

Pure comprehensive nutrition

The PURE comprehensive nutrition program is an in-depth six-month program designed to help you reach your wellness goals. The program includes a number of specialty tests to assess health and nutrition needs, including resting metabolic rate and body composition scans. You also get a custom diet and nutritional supplement plan, along with ongoing support.

Customized nutrition program

The customized nutrition program is a 4-6 week program that includes a personalized diet plan to meet your very specific health and wellness needs. The customized nutrition program also includes a body composition scan and measurement of your resting metabolic rate.

PURE Executive Health & Wellness also offers telenutrition for those with a busy schedule, as well as “express” healthy eating consultations for those who just need a few nutrition pointers.

How do I know if I need nutritional supplements?

In addition to helping you make better food choices for better health, the nutrition programs available at PURE Executive Health & Wellness also include nutritional supplements. Your supplement needs may be based on your usual diet or specific health needs. The PURE staff also offers micronutrient testing to assess your nutritional status for more targeted supplementation.

We see and treat patients in all of the greater Miami area. To schedule your nutrition consultation or to get guidance for nutritional supplements, call the office today.

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