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Are you feeling less energized than usual? Do you keep getting sick and can’t pinpoint why? You may be nutrient-deficient. The specialists at PURE Executive Health & Wellness in Coral Gables, Florida, and the greater Miami area, offer precise micronutrient testing to assess your levels and provide treatments to optimize your nutritional status and health. To schedule your micronutrient testing, call the office today.

Micronutrient Testing Q & A

What is micronutrient testing?

Micronutrient testing is an advanced diagnostic tool used to assess the vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant values in your body. The micronutrient testing available at PURE Executive Health & Wellness can test for more than 35 micronutrients at the immune cell level, which means a more accurate reading.

Nutritional deficiencies can affect many aspects of your life, from your concentration to your energy to your ability to fight off infection. If you have concerns about the adequacy of your diet or think you may be nutrient-deficient, the team can conduct micronutrient testing to ensure your body is getting everything it needs to function at its best.

Am I a good candidate for micronutrient testing?

Your specialist at PURE Executive Health & Wellness determines if you would benefit from micronutrient testing after a consultation. It may be recommended if your specialist has concerns about the adequacy of your diet or if you lead an active lifestyle that may deplete your nutrient levels. Your specialist may also recommend testing to get a baseline of your nutritional status to help develop your individualized wellness plan.

What if I am deficient in a nutrient?

If your micronutrient testing indicates that you’re deficient in a nutrient or nutrients, your specialist develops a plan of action to replenish your nutritional status. This may include working with the nutrition expert on staff to help you make changes to your diet, as well as the addition of nutritional supplements to your daily regimen.

PURE Executive Health & Wellness also offers IV therapy to replenish nutrient levels immediately. With IV therapy, your specialist develops a customized nutrient blend and delivers the nutrients your body needs directly to your bloodstream.

A member of the team may recommend a repeat micronutrient test after implementing the diet and supplement changes to reassess your levels and ensure your treatment is working.

We see and treat patients in all of the greater Miami area. To schedule your micronutrient testing, call PURE Executive Health & Wellness today.

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